Be Still 7 oz Candle

Soft incense glow.


Pasta Water 7 oz Candle

A magic pot of unparalleled depth briskly boils in the background.


Big Sur After Rain7 oz Candle

Rain water in eucalyptus groves off Highway 1.


Tuberose Myrrhder7 oz Candle

The night queen’s suspended bulbs.


Salt Marsh Rose7 oz Candle

New England wayside rose.


Concrete After Lightning7 oz Candle

Electric crackle, downpour, panic grass, sizzling asphalt steam.


Wild Brooklyn Lavender7 oz Candle

Brooklyn flowering in the early aughts.


Parquet Leather7 oz Candle

Basketball leather.


Breakfast WaxTwo Candle Box Set

Sumptuous gourmand tablescapes.


Breakfast Highlands7 oz Candle

Oats, heather honey, hay.


Breakfast Leipzig7 oz Candle

Frühstück with JSB at Café Zimmerman, 1723.


Bergamot Superior7 oz Candle

Wild bergamot weeds sing citrus-speak in spring.


’85 Diesel7 oz Candle

In clothes that look like rugs, singing “we must never break the chain.”


Portable Fireplace7 oz Candle

Smoky woods in the hearth.


Tomb of the Eagles7 oz Candle

Where Orkney eagles carried Stoneage souls beyond the jagged cliffs


Spirit Lamp7 oz Candle

Hot tea in places of ill repute.


Holy Ficus7 oz Candle

Silently watch the flame for 7 hours and you may spy liberation.


Candle LidSnuffer

Handmade lacquered candle snuffer lid.