• A lit scented candle labeled "breakfast leipzig" by d.s. & durga, showcasing minimalist packaging design on a transparent background.
  • A sleek rectangular box featuring bold lightning graphics with the intriguing title "reakfast leipzig" by d.s. & durga, depicting a stylized image of a cafe table with a coffee cup and pastry, set against a black background with a striped awning.

Breakfast Leipzig

7 oz Candle

Afterpay Available

Frühstück with JSB at Café Zimmerman, 1723. Strong coffee, buttery almond pastries, pipe tobacco.

Top Notes

  • javanese coffee
  • almond kutchen
  • pastry

Heart Notes

  • tobacco leaf
  • butter

Base Notes

  • leather upholstery
  • fireplace

Afterpay available on U.S. orders $50+

A smoking pipe with a graceful wisp of smoke rising against a neutral background.

I wanted to create the scent of the café in Leipzig where Bach wrote his famous Java Cantata in the 1700s. I imagine tightly packed tables of people breakfasting over buttery almond pastries and strong coffee. Smoking pipes, reading newspapers, talking. Creamers of milk, kitchen steam, tobacco clouds, a hint of an old fireplace in the corner, and burgundy leather upholstery on the seats.

I love breakfast.

It’s really a passion of mine. This candle is our first overtly gourmand scent. It’s light-hearted. I love the idea that you can change your house into this legendary café at such a specific moment in time simply by lighting it.-D.S.