D.S. & Durga

IntroducingGateau Blackout


Limited Edition Perfume

A clear glass perfume bottle labeled "gateau blackout d.s. & durga eau de parfum 50 ml" with a black cap, isolated on a clear background.

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Episode One

Perfume Quest
A lit scented candle with a warm, amber hue labeled "dream lychee" by d.s. & durga, featuring an artistic red sketch of a traditional vase on its label.
A black arrow pointing left with the word "new" written inside it.

Dream Lychee7 oz Candle

Spring has joyously languished.


A sleek bottle of "i don't know what fragrance enhancer ds & durga" eau de parfum, 50 ml size, emphasizing minimalism and contemporary design.

I Don’t Know WhatPerfume

A fragrance enhancer with transparent radiance.

  • $210 50 ml

  • $300 100 ml

  • $75 Pocket

A bottle of "black magenta" eau de parfum by d.s. & durga, 50 ml.
A black arrow pointing left with the word "new" written inside it.

Black MagentaPerfume

City at night in bold colorful fumes.

  • $210 50 ml

  • $300 100 ml

A lit scented candle with a label that reads "big sur after rain" by d.s. & durga, captured against a dark background, exuding a serene ambiance.

Big Sur After Rain7 oz Candle

Rain water in eucalyptus groves off Highway 1.


A set of six upscale d.s. & durga mini perfume bottles displayed on top of a sleek box labeled "deluxe box set".

Deluxe Box Set Perfume

6 x 10 mL miniature perfumes for stupendous armchair travel.