D.S. & Durga

Introducing Swoodish

in collaboration with Volvo

7 oz Candle


A person's hand is lighting a candle with a matchstick. The candle is in a glass container with a label that reads "Swoodish" and features an illustration of a hillside with trees. The background is blurred and warm-toned.


Free mini Sunshine Tote with a purchase of the Sunshine Set for a limited time!

Sunshine Set
A bright yellow box labeled "Sunshine Set" contains three perfume bottles. The bottles are individually labeled: "Rose Atlantic," "Coriander," and "Debaser." Each bottle is labeled "D.S. & Durga eau de parfum 10 mL.

Sunshine Set Set

3 x 10 mL miniature perfumes that make for bright days.


A clear glass bottle of perfume with a black cap. The label reads "LET'S DIVE," followed by "D.S. & DURGA x ceti eau de parfum 50 mL." The label features a gradient design in shades of blue and white.
Studio Juice

Let's Dive Studio Juice

The first perfume named by whales!


A sleek bottle of "i don't know what fragrance enhancer ds & durga" eau de parfum, 50 ml size, emphasizing minimalism and contemporary design.

I Don’t Know WhatPerfume

A fragrance enhancer with transparent radiance.

  • $210 50 ml

  • $300 100 ml

  • $75 Pocket

Watch Perfume Quest!

Episode One

Perfume Quest
A lit scented candle with a label that reads "big sur after rain" by d.s. & durga, captured against a dark background, exuding a serene ambiance.

Big Sur After Rain7 oz Candle

Rain water in eucalyptus groves off Highway 1.