• A set of six upscale d.s. & durga mini perfume bottles displayed on top of a sleek box labeled "deluxe box set".
  • A sleek collection of chic mini perfume bottles carefully arranged on a minimalist white display stand, offering a sense of luxury and style.
  • A large cubic structure with black text on a white background, featuring the bold letters "ds&durga" on one side and a list of ingredients or product information on the adjacent sides.

Deluxe Box Set


Afterpay Available

6 x 10 mL miniature perfumes for stupendous armchair travel.

  • I Don't Know What
    10 mL
    A fragrance enhancer with transparent radiance.
  • Pistachio
    10 mL
    It's pistachio!
  • Debaser
    10 mL
    The wild shrill of Black Francis coming through the radio in the August heat.
  • Jazmín Yucatan
    10 mL
    Jungle, humidity, snake plants, jazmín yucateco.
  • Cowboy Grass
    10 mL
    For robbing banks on horseback.
  • Radio Bombay
    10 mL
    Ragas radiating in the Bandra heat.

Afterpay available on U.S. orders $50+

A collection of mini perfume bottles precisely aligned with a diagonal strip of yellow tape against a muted background, showcasing a harmony of mini perfumes and geometric aesthetics.

“If you look at this set of ridiculously cute mini bottles, and you don't want to own one, I'm not sure we could ever be close friends.″-D.S.