• A lit scented candle with the label "parquet leather d.s. & durga" on a transparent background.
  • A sleek rectangular box  labeled "parquet leather" by d.s. & durga black background, accompanied by a detailed product description below.

Parquet Leather

7 oz Candle

Afterpay Available

A court vision of orange leather, maplewood, red oak parquet, & fancy sneakers. Vegan.

Top Notes

  • orange leather
  • peach baskets

Heart Notes

  • red oak
  • rubber

Base Notes

  • maplewood
  • kicks

Afterpay available on U.S. orders $50+

Balancing act: a sneaker-clad foot perches atop a basketball on a hardwood floor.

Basketball is one of America’s greatest gifts. It’s a sport, but it’s a culture tied in with music and fashion. B-ball changes over time reflecting the world it is part of. The odd history of hanging peach baskets in a gymnasium seems distant from the global phenomenon it has become. What does the journey of basketball smell like? What ties together how it has evolved? The leather ball, the sneakers, the rubber, & the wood of parquet floors. -D.S.