• A lit scented candle named "tomb of the eagles" by d.s. & durga, depicted against a transparent background.
  • A sleek rectangular box  labeled "tomb of the eagles" by d.s. & durga black background, accompanied by a detailed product description below.

Tomb of the Eagles

7 oz Candle

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In the far north, where Orkney eagles carried Stoneage souls beyond the jagged cliffs, clover, sea pinks, sweet cicely, the sonorous sea.

Top Notes

  • clover
  • cold sea

Heart Notes

  • sea pinks
  • sweet cicely

Base Notes

  • island moss
  • bones
  • grass

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A close-up of a four-leaf clover with one leaf exhibiting a darker pigmentation, positioned against a textured backdrop.

The Tomb of the Eagles lays under a farm by the sea all the way up on the island of Orkney. The journey to get there is long and breathtaking.

Though in Scotland, Orkney has its own culture with overtones of old Norse ways. It has the largest amount of Stone Age sites in all of Europe. It feels central to some ancient wisdom, in tune with the landscape, the sea, the standing stones, and countless ruins.

The Tomb of the Eagles was discovered by a farmer digging on his own land in the 50s. He discovered people who were buried with eagle talons–perhaps so the eagles could carry their souls to heaven in the next world–no one knows for sure. I love this little mystery discovered in a hidden chamber–magic exists just around the corner of our everyday lives. The scent of the North Sea air is massive, spraying over damp lichen covered rocks. In the wind battered cracks I found tiny sea pinks clutching to the stones and smelling of narcotic carnation. Also sweet cicely fronds that smelled of orange and cinnamon!

Magic just under my feet in the cracks. And the green, green grass and the clover. That’s the scent of the Tomb of The Eagles.-D.S.