Sweet Do Nothing


Timeless hangs, orange blossom special, rock tank swimming, cacti, the life.

Top Notes

  • neroli
  • green coyote chola
  • desert pepper

Heart Notes

  • texas everbearing fig
  • orange flower
  • incense

Base Notes

  • texas cedar
  • water musk
  • creosote

The lovely folks at El Cosmico have a way to describe the timeless coming together of nomadic friends in the high plains desert of West Texas—“Sweet Do Nothing.” It’s a feeling that can be coaxed, but not forced. Things slow down, landscapes loom large, the far is near. This scent captures that hang—the tuning in among orange blossom, flowering cacti, Texas cedars, fig, and creosote-D.S.



alcohol denat, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, benzyl salicylate, cinnamyl alcohol, citral, citronellol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, isoeugenol, limonene, linalool


Listen to Sweet Do Nothing

Chasing the eternal hang, tuning in, West Texas style


  • When our fume master David creates our fragrances, he sees them in color. The throw of a particular aroma can be described in the colors it implies in the mind of one with synethesia. Vetyer can smell straw like yellow, patchouli, deep red, and so on. David is very enthusiastic about translating an idea from one discipline to another—so music, words, and ultimately color become aromas to wear on skin and in sanctuary.

  • Orange blossom is the giving tree to perfumers. The fruits give us bigrade or bitter orange oil. The flowers can be distilled to make neroli or solvent extracted to give orange flower absolute (also the biproduct orange flower water and an absolute of it called eau de brouts). The leaves and twigs give us petitgrain. And there’s even a distilled mixture of petitgrain with flowers called petitgrain sur le fleur. Fancy!

  • Fig is crowd pleaser. It’s an accord made of molecules that smell of milky coconuts and tomato leaves respectively. Fig has become something of its own genre often blended with green notes, flowers, and wood.

  • Water as a note comes from fresh ozones and other materials that place you in the humid world near bodies of water or rain.