• A bright yellow box labeled "Sunshine Set" contains three perfume bottles. The bottles are individually labeled: "Rose Atlantic," "Coriander," and "Debaser." Each bottle is labeled "D.S. & Durga eau de parfum 10 mL.
  • Image of three small perfume bottles labeled "ROSE ATLANTIC," "CORIANDER," and "DEBASE" arranged on two stacked yellow rectangular boxes. The background is a soft gradient of beige and light pink.
  • A yellow box with bold, pink lettering that reads "DS&D URGA." Smaller text on the box lists items: "Rose Atlantic," "Cowboy Grass," and "Debaser." The box is set against a plain, light beige background.

Sunshine Set


Afterpay Available

Three of our cheeriest fumes that excel on sunny days (or whenever you need to remember them).

  • Rose Atlantic
    10 ML
    Salt Spray Rose.
  • Coriander
    10 mL
    Green fields above Odessa.
  • Debaser
    10 mL
    Rock 'n' roll station blaring on summer nights.

Afterpay available on U.S. orders $50+

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