A grayscale image of a pair of scissors with an accentuated shadow cast onto a plain background, creating a sense of depth and contrast.
A monochrome close-up of a sleek modern clock displaying the time, with its second hand in motion.

We believe the power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound. 

A great perfume is a keyhole into another realm; an invisible landscape that you can enter and explore any time.

A confident woman in a classic white shirt and black overalls standing against an off-white wall, exuding a strong, professional vibe.
A man with a slicked-back hairstyle and a tattoo on his chest wearing a black v-neck shirt, gazing thoughtfully to the side against a plain background.

Kavi and David

David (a.k.a D.S.) is a self-taught perfumer who created his own aromatic language—a rarity in the perfume industry. Kavi (a.k.a Durga) is a trained architect who builds buildings for our scents and cities for our universe.

A monochrome image of a tightly coiled metal spring standing upright against a textured background.
Close-up of a delicate pink rose with soft, ruffled petals unfurling around a golden center.

Each of our fumes is a rich narrative.

all that we love in music, art, nature, and design told aromatically. Our scents are fragments of half-remembered myths and imaginary landscapes that invite exploration. Liner notes, playlists, images, graphics, and films expand upon the world inside the glass.

We create authentic studies

of real world objects, plants, and places. We weave them into narratives that transport you to far off places, material and imaginary.

Vintage-style volume knob set between levels 3 and 4 on a worn red background with white markings.
Burnt matches and scattered ashes on a light surface.

Made in New York

NYC is in our DNA. It shapes our lives and our
vision of the world. Everything is made here in the belly of the beast.

A close-up greyscale image of a light switch in the off position on a plain wall.
A black and white image of a scattered collection of stapler pins, showcasing a disarray of metallic textures and patterns.

We started from scratch and did it our way.

(More Sid than Sinatra). We were pioneers in DIY Brooklyn. We turned all that we loved in music, nature, myth and design into fancy fragrances in our tiny Bushwick apartment. All scents are made in house & they always will be.