Studio Juice Archive

Limited edition batches hand-mixed in our Brooklyn studio.

Never to be seen again

Our fume master (that’s a technical term) David Seth Moltz employs the rarest, finest, and aged materials from his private collection. Drops are released when the time is right.

Get out on the court you ace!

Crush Balls


Freak out in colonial haunts of many gables. Frosty violet and lichen in the old cemetery. Magic hazel wood. A faint nautical whiff enchants.

Salem Gothic


Husky Nordic vilde grasses with deep black currant & juniper berries on ashwood shyps.

Sexy Viking


Catch a break beyond boardshops brimming with flower patterns nestled near touristy trinket stores & sad hat racks. Wipeout!



Tiny tendrils suckle honey summer sunshine. Quarter water’s alien green glows by disorganized baseball games. The corner garden blazeth on.

Suckle Honey City


Pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio.



A strange and unusual aura of ether, ghostly old pages, magic chalk, & spectral fumes dosed with funerary incense.

Handbook for the Recently Deceased


Sandy bracts bud on the high road to Taos. Desert paintbrush plant holds silent scent of gardenia built of hyacinth heads coloring vast vistas of New Mexican rock, shrub and scree.

Desert Paintbrush


Brooklyn comes alive in spring. Bold yellow magnolia pops from sidewalks, flowering weeds, graffiti near cherry trees in tiny parks with black iron gates.

Magnolia City


Reserve aged patchouli CO2 overdosed with a bleeding heart of rare osmanthus, orris root, and spiced opoponax.

Bleeding Heart Patchouli


Sunscreen, salt-on-skin, ocean airs on the coast of Queens where privet hedge flowers blaze by pastel condos. Up on the rewf!

Rockaway Beach


Novel molecules flower through industrial grit as New York City forms.

First Light Five Boroughs


Brooklyn in spring where vivid flower bushes bloom in concrete cracks.

Lilac City


12 ounces of the finest Bulgarian Rose Absolute Kazanlak in a narcotic base of pure musk and amber.

Duzina Rozi