• A tan glass candle with a white label showing a hill with trees sketched on it. The label reads "SWOODISH Volvo | DS&DURGA." The candle is lit, with a small flame visible at the top. The background is a light beige color.
  • A minimalist box with a black background features a line-drawn landscape, including trees on a hill. The text "SWOODISH" is at the center, with "VOLVO" and "DS&DURGA" beneath it. The box is floating at an angle.


7 oz Candle

Afterpay Available

Grounding Swedish forest woods under purple toned skies for your epic journey.

Top Notes

  • white pine
  • oak leaf

Heart Notes

  • orris root

Base Notes

  • ornäs birch

Afterpay available on U.S. orders $50+

A peaceful forest scene with tall, slender trees reaching skyward and sunlight filtering through the dense canopy. The forest floor is covered in lush green foliage and patches of moss, creating a serene, natural atmosphere.

We visited Volvo in the summer of 2023 and took a deep dive into all things Swedish. Where ever we wandered, the omnipresence of the woods surrounded us. After walking through the forests and dipping in the cool lakes, we craved black licorice, crisp bread, and driving electric Volvos. Too, we stepped inside the Volvo archive, sniffing the wonderful vintage autos. Volvo cars are chic, comfortable, and built with a safety-first mentality. How could we add to these things with a very Swedish aroma? The answer is calming, grounding woods of the forest and soft orris roots mimicking the purple tones of the late summer sunsets.

Swedish. Woody. Swoodish.-D.S.