• A lit scented candle with a label that reads "spirit lamp" by d.s. & durga, featuring a geometric pattern.
  • A sleek rectangular box  labeled "spirit lamb by d.s. & durga featuring a geometric pattern against a black background, accompanied by a detailed product description below.

Spirit Lamp

7 oz Candle

Afterpay Available

Tea service at the colonial parlor of Mme. Revere, topless psychic. Hot silver heated by open flame. Bohea vapours, radiant heat, milk.

Top Notes

  • hot metal
  • peach water
  • petitgrain

Heart Notes

  • white ginger
  • coconut milk

Base Notes

  • radiant musk
  • bohea tea

Afterpay available on U.S. orders $50+

A glass prism refracting light, splitting it into a spectrum of colors on a dark surface.

Spirit Lamp should smell like the flame on a silver tea service in a place of ill repute in colonial era Boston. The spirit lamp was used for light and heating fueled by alcohol or “spirit.” I can picture the teapot—perhaps smithed by Paul Revere (he crushed silver when not shouting alarms on horseback).

Inside the water boils with legendary bohea tea (an oolong probably from near the Wuyi Mountain preserve). The steam is peachy, airy, with touches of bleached ginger and coconut milk.

The air of a colonial brothel given respite by the freshness of this rare tea drunk to stay up all night reading fortunes in a smoky den.-D.S.