• Two elegantly designed bottles of "pistachio" perfume from d.s. & durga, placed against a black background with a partially visible branded packaging pouch.
  • Bottle of "pistachio" eau de parfum, 50 ml size next to its packaging.
  • A sleek, roll-on bottle of "rose atlantic" perfume oil, next to its minimalist packaging.
  • Black textured cosmetic bag with the word "perfume" printed on it, suggesting it's used for carrying fragrances.

Pistachio Pouch


Afterpay Available

$285 value

Carry your fave gourmands around in our sleek logo pouch.

Set includes: 50 mL Pistachio EDP, 10 mL Pistachio Pocket Perfume & Perfume Pouch.

Top Notes

  • pistachio  
  • cardamom 

Heart Notes

  • more pistachio
  • roasted almond 

Base Notes

  • even more pistachio 
  • patchouli
  • vanilla crème

Afterpay available on U.S. orders $50+

A single pistachio nut with its shell partially open against a green background.

I think pistachio is an elegant nut. Also a fun nut. It's around good climes and everyone seems to dig it. We made this on a whim; a fragrance with no story that just evokes the fun of pistachio (especially as a dessert flavor). It was a STUDIO JUICE (limited edition of 100 bottles). People went nuts for the concept (pun somewhat intended) and we knew we had to add it to the line. It's dank and unabashedly sweet which is something I don’t normally do.-D.S.