• Two aluminum bottles labeled "I Don't Know What" by D.S. & Durga, one body soap and one body lotion against a neutral background.
  • The backs of two bottles, one of body lotion and the other of body soap with ingredients and product information.

I Don't Know What

Body Set

Afterpay Available

$170 value

Our best selling cult hit fragrance enhancer I Don't Know What which adds radiance to all it touches now comes in a beautifully formulated body wash and lotion to give your skin a little touch of grace.

Top Notes

  • bergamot essence

Heart Notes

  • iso e super
  • vetiver acetate

Base Notes

  • civettone
  • firsantol
  • ambrox super

Afterpay available on U.S. orders $50+

A gray-scale image of a tall glass full of water close-up.

I Don't Know What body soap and lotions are formulated with naturally derived, sustainably sourced materials that leaves skin feeling clean and moisturized, but the real magic is the epidermis elevating base layer of our proprietary fragrance enhancer I Don't Know What which can be worn alone for a quiet radiance or hung seamlessly under your other perfumes without ruining the vibe.

Free from: BHA, Oxybenzone, BHT, Diethanolamine, Formaldehyde, Hydroquinone, Mineral oils, Parabens, Phthalates, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG compounds), SLES, Sulfates.-D.S.