Bergamot Superior

7 oz Candle

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Wild bergamot weeds sing citrus-speak in spring by the cool, cool water of Great Lake Superior.

Top Notes

  • bee balm
  • bergamot

Heart Notes

  • lake water
  • birch leaf

Base Notes

  • cone flower
  • blue eyed grass

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I was walking upstream in wellies in a brook somewhere up north. Cold water rushed from the lake downstream through the woods. I came across little island worlds in the brook—pristine, covered in plants fed by fresh water. Gnarled roots of trees intertwined with rocks and mosses to create a landscape like the those enticing commercials for action figures in the 80s (but I digress).

A stand of wild plants grew in spots where the sun broke through the canopy.

I found wild bergamot—bee balm—the stuff called Oswego tea that the tea partiers (the OG ones not the current) drank in defiance of Britain’s tea. A member of the mint fam, bee balm smells of distant bergamots with a fuzzy green minty snap.

You are in the cold north but smell distant Mediterranean citrus. Unexpected exotic beauty in the far North by Lake Superior.-D.S.