Perfumes as Records


A great record is a world unto itself.

You can listen to the music, enjoy it, and stop there.  But there is always the option to go deeper.  You can find out who’s playing guitar on track three.  What horn is being played in the scherzo?  Where was it recorded? The artwork, the linear notes, and the lyrics all enrich what you are hearing.  They can provide the listener with perhaps some understanding of how and why the music was made.   And record becomes a world you can access whenever you want.   I want our perfumes to be like records that you can carry around with you on your skin throughout the day, dipping into its world and watching the impressions that spring from it in your mind.  It’s important for us to put as much information as we can about the scents with the packaging.  So even if you don’t smell what the descriptions indicate, you can at least know what we were trying to get across and the elements we used to get there.